studio hatch is a San Francisco Bay Area design firm dedicated to crafting custom commercial, residential and hospitality design experiences. The statement “we are hatch” is a symbol of our vision and commitment to bridging collaboration among our clients, the studio hatch team, and our environment.

Our ability to draw from multiple creative influences, both fine in detail and larger in their communal scope, result in designs that strike the delicate balance between purpose and innovation. Kate Hanzo and Rebecca Brownlee McEfee, we are hatch.

Kate and Rebecca

Kate Hanzo

Kate Hanzo has designed interiors for commercial and residential properties for the past ten years. Her experience includes homes in the Bay Area, country clubs in Palm Springs, office spaces in San Francisco and hotels in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Central America. Kate received a degree in Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz and later pursued a degree in Fashion Design. In 2005 she was hired by Design Atelier, a prestigious boutique hospitality firm with a broad domestic and international clientele where she worked for seven years. In 2012 she partnered with Rebecca Brownlee McEfee to form studio hatch. The following year Kate was a recipient of the ‘Boutique 18’, a celebrated award from the Hospitality industry greats, recognizing the top 18 designers nation-wide to keep a watch on.

Kate has a diverse background working in multiple fields which she translates into a distinct design approach that is balanced and holistic. With natural artistic instincts, and a formal training in fashion design, Kate has developed a honed aesthetic that is intrinsically stylish and informed by her knowledge of textiles, color theory and the creative design process. Her background in community studies has fostered an appreciation for the role of the larger communities in which she works. Kate uses her understanding of environmental, social, cultural, and historical influences to inspire spaces that reflect and build community.

Rebecca Brownlee McEfee, ASID

Rebecca Brownlee McEfee, ASID has designed interiors for commercial and residential properties for the past nine years. Her experience at multiple prestigious Interior Design firms includes hotels, multi-family dwellings, and residential properties in Portland, OR, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Central America, and various other locations.

Rebecca received degrees in Interior Design and Business Leadership from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. In 2008, Rebecca relocated to San Francisco, where she designed and managed a variety of luxury hospitality residential and corporate projects in high-demand markets, and ultimately partnered with Kate to form studio hatch.

2012 marked another milestone in Rebecca’s career when she was the recipient of the ‘Boutique 18’, a celebrated award from Hospitality industry greats, recognizing the latest talent to keep a watch on. Rebecca is a current, and active member in the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and Network of Executives in Hospitality (NEWH), where she served on the San Francisco founding chapter board for three years. Rebecca is a registered Interior Designer and is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).