Artis Coffee

Prototype Design

Artis Coffee celebrates the idea that a single cup of coffee brings together a community through geography, exploration, and engagement. Their premium product embodies all things Artís: dynamic, approachable, and enjoyment.

Premium Product

Coffee and brewing accessories take center stage in front of the subtle backdrop, created with a neutral color palette and warm wood tones. All purposefully selected, creamy whites, bold darks, and brass accents tastefully highlight state of the art, on-demand live coffee bean roasting.

Hand holding coffee beans Artis custom pour-over stand kit
Canvas tote Coffee beans

Approachable Community

As hosts of weekly music events and regular community gatherings, Artís requested an unique and inviting social space attractive to the new generation of coffee lovers.

Dynamic Experience

Those who step up to the roast bar can see on-demand live roasting, coffee tastings, or brew demos, and can sit and enjoy their coffee surrounded by art from the local community.

  • instagram photos: Artis Coffee