DIFFA’S Dining by Design 2012

San Francisco

Inspired by the rich history AIDS work in San Francisco, our design honors the early local actions and advocacy that brought public visibility to the disease. The “patchwork”quality of our custom designed dining table is symbolic of the AIDS quilt.

Fallen Angels

The writing of names began as a social movement, honoring those lives that went uncelebrated or unrecognized due to the fear, stigma, and misunderstanding that mark the history of AIDS in the U.S. The spirit of this ritual and the Names Project lives on in our hand painted mantel, while our handmade wings are a tribute to the courage of early AIDS activists.


Through our translation of these events into a design concept, we celebrate a rich local history, and we celebrate the healing and unifying qualities of art. The AIDS quilt today remains the largest community art project in the world.

  • millworker: Three Bridges Trim & Moulding
  • furniture: Big Daddy’s Antiques
  • floral: Haia Sophia
  • photography: Luke Keegan