Hotel Tonight

Middle Market / San Francisco

The 17,000 square foot Hotel Tonight headquarters features an innovative open space plan with a variety of communal gathering spaces including a full bar, kitchen, cafe, and intimate lounge niches all designed to promote collaboration and inspire creativity.

Branded Experiences

Custom details including a beautiful hotel-inspired reception desk with an integrated vintage display case housing significant Hotel Tonight moments and a custom light fixture in the style of their beloved “H-Bed” logo reinforce the company’s unique identity as both a tech and hospitality-centered operation.

The Details Matter

A highly customized FF&E package invites employees and guests to enjoy the work space as they would a hip hotel lobby, with tasteful lounge seating, an elegant cafe, and a strategically situated bar boasting views of a vibrant Market Street below.

Collaborative Spaces

Both a Tech and Hospitality company, Hotel Tonight sought out popular “touch-down” locations for the new generation of the workplace. Flexible, casual and interactive spaces like cozy niches, a cafe, and full bar provide a variety of work environments to promote authentic interaction and collaboration.

“With a unique design approach, Kate & Rebecca have created an open space plan that encourages collaboration and creativity, with an overall aesthetic that pays tribute to the hip hotels we work with in our mobile app.”

  • architect: Gensler
  • general contractor: Commercial Interior Builders, Inc.
  • photography: Eva Kolenko