Tech Office

Prototype Design

This conceptual design package celebrates the flexible workspace: sophisticated, multi-purpose areas to be used during all hours of the day, with a design that stays true to local neighborhood roots.

Meet & Retreat

Multi-purpose areas with ranging levels of privacy, create spaces-within-a-space for retreat, reflection, flexible working, and meeting. These landing areas are reflective of the local community, designed to look and feel like a cool coffee shop, restaurant, or bar that the staff would frequent outside of work.

Multi-use Workspaces

To make the most of the valuable available space during various parts of the day, low-level lighting and upgraded finishes create warm, mature, and clean places for eating, private work, and collaboration.

Building Community

Each inspiring space is equipped to accommodate work by day and social gatherings by night with features like warm finishes, low-level lighting, and comfortable and flexible furnishings.